Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Finding the best of my vacations in Holiday Mood UK

I for myself once thought that booking directly with the airlines gives you security and the sense of calmness that you require after you have booked our vacation. In simple words I was not at all a believer in booking flights online with an agency that I do not know about. Then came a point in my life where I was desperately looking to booking cheap flights to USA as I was not getting anywhere with different airlines that I tried booking with. Then one of my friends came to me with details of an agency that he has already dealt with for his vacation, which infused some confidence in me to try out booking online with an agency. Holiday Mood UK was one of the agencies that I am talking about.

Cheap Holidays to USA

Though apprehensive for the starters I contacted and once I found about the deals and offers that it had on offer was unbelievable and then I realize how I was wasting my money all this while booking directly with the airlines whereas the deal that I got was so cheap that I could not believe and booked at least four days after. The deals and offers that I looked at online was simply amazing and was good to be true that It allowed me to add couple of cities more in a budget that I had for less cities if would have booked with the airlines direct. Not only I had booked and saved a lot on my flights from London to USA but also got securities in terms of ATOL certificate that the agency issued for my vacation thus keeping me protected against any financial loss. I loved it and it really opened my eyes and views about these agencies in terms of booking a vacation. Now wherever I have to go or stay I have a hand that I could hold on and rust my fortunes on!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Attractions in Bangkok that makes it most popular in the world

Bangkok is one destination that is visited by millions from every part of the globe. It is a destination that offers you good value for your money and a destination that offers one hell of a holiday to remember and cherish. Bangkok is the capital city and the main gateway in to Thailand for all the commercial ad passenger traffic in to Thailand. Bangkok itself may not be a place where you can just apply your sun tan and could lie across the beach but there are number of things that make Bangkok a city to get bedazzled. From beautiful temples to traditional sites and ROM all the fanciness of the clubs and bars to the ultimate shopping paradise, Bangkok is all what you can dream and think of. 

You do not have to worry about getting there as isn’t any travel agents I the whole wide world that do not offer air tickets to Bangkok. Bangkok is also very popular because of its Tropical wet and dry climate with hot, rainy and cool seasons especially among the travelers coming in from the colder regions of the world. Different museums, amusement parks and temples are some of the primary sites that you can visit. Apart from that the fancy neon and flashing fashions makes this city a city where party never stops. Book your cheap holidays to Bangkok today and be a part of the carnival that never seems to end no matter what month or the season you are getting in to. It’s a ride and journey of a lifetime, so get in touch with any ravel firms like holidaymood UK the ones I choose to sort my accommodations and cheap flights to Bangkok.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Atlanta experience

I feel so excited writing this blog on Atlanta, a destination which i straight forwardly denied traveling to as i was more interested in either Miami or Los Angeles but right at the last moment due to our short budget and our accommodation woes getting solved courtesy our friend's relatives, we all agreed to book our cheap tickets to Atlanta at last. To be honest i did not have a simplest of idea about the city that we were traveling to. What all we could gather was with the help of internet as far as the sites and attractions were concerned. We knew that the best places to see are situated in the Downtown area of the city. Downtown Atlanta is that area of the city that contains the largest concentration of high-rise hotels, office buildings and condos in the metropolitan Atlanta area and where Peachtree Street begins its sojourn through metro Atlanta.  Here you'll find Georgia State University, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN World Headquarters, The Georgia Aquarium, Phillips Arena (concerts), the Georgia World Congress Center (conventions), The Georgia State Capital building and other state agency headquarters.  The World of Coca-Cola is currently relocating from Downtown at Underground Atlanta to Centennial Olympic Park further north near CNN and the GA Aquarium.

As for shopping and little fun Midtown area is the best as it is loaded with various sites like the Piedmont Park, The Atlanta Symphony, The High Museum of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, The Fabulous Fox Theatre, Georgia Tech, the best bars and the world-famous Varsity Restaurant.

Atlanta turned out to be an experience than I initially imagined, it’s truly a city that is enjoyable, beautiful and most of all a city worth spending and getting good value on your fortunes. So I would suggest you to book your cheap flights to Atlanta and discover the beauty that this city has to offer and holds!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Cheap holidays in Sydney with family specials

Family for me plays an important role and has a special place above everything, so when it comes to family everything else just takes a back seat. I was contemplating on numerous destinations that i could visit but was confused about the ones that could offer my family the time of their lives. Thai's when somebody told me about the possibilities of Sydney as a perfect destination for me and my family especially.

So i decided to book my air tickets to Sydney and trust me that was one wise decision that i have made in my life till date. Sydney is a great destination when it comes to a family vacation. So if you have your kids with you than trust me you are in for a real treat. It is a city that is not limited to just one type but surely Sydney is a city which offers you unlimited options irrespective of type of travel you are on. Places like Sydney harbor, Sydney opera, national museum and places like the Taronga Zoo. Home to nearly 3000 exotic and native species, the Zoo offers the rare chance to see endangered animals such as snow-leopards, Sumatran Tigers and Western Lowland Gorillas offers lot more practical fun and knowledge to kids and adults altogether.

Apart from all the places and the sites the food and the festivities takes you a long way on the road to ultimate excitement and fun. There are number of agencies that you could get the best of the deals and offers on both hotels and cheap flights to Sydney. So just go on and grab your share of fun and experience for you and your family.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Reasons to make Sydney your home!

When initially if found out that my friend is planning to move to Sydney i was a bit anxious that why and what he is planning to get settled in Sydney as i was not aware of the city at the point in time. Though my friend took the decision but i was more interested in finding out the reasons to justify his decision. Once i read about the city itself and try to compare it with others, which was the time i started digesting his decision. There are numerous reasons that i found out and give to people who come with a pre-determine question of 'Why' to my friend.
Apart from all its glitz and glory the Economy of this city is one of the major reasons for expats in Sydney. The main sectors of the city's industries include property, business services, and retail, manufacturing, health and community services. The totality of these industries contributes to about one fourth of Australia's total gross domestic product. This makes the city one of the hotbeds of commercial and financial activities in the country. So there is no reason that i find for people not booking their cheap flights to Sydney at the very first chance they get it.

The prospect of future in terms of living and earning are huge and numerous if you are the right man for the job for making this city your second home.Well as for me I am trying to get as much time as with my friend before he leave on his flight to Sydney and before I could in a position to write the same about myself!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

My first visit to the city of Los Angeles

After years of savings and planning finally i had a chance to visit the city of Los Angeles. It took me eternity to book my flights to Los Angeles because of the soaring air fares each day. Every time i thought that i have enough to book fares just looked impossible to book. Finally with a help of my friend who recommended a website that was brilliant enough to get me the best of cheap flights to Los Angeles i got my tickets at last.

When i reached Los Angeles it was way different and much more beautiful than i ever imagined. The aura was just amazing and i realize what exactly i was missing all these years waiting to visit. One of the most desirable cities in the world, Los Angeles is unique, beautiful and a fascinating city at the same time. Home to LA Lakers, you can see the NBA fever in the air during the season. Luckily for me the NBA season was on during my visit. Keeping the game apart which i am least interested in i started exploring the city from the moment i reached my hotel not even bothering about the jet lag that i was feeling.

Through my entire stay i managed to check the most of the sites and attractions from including Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor to the Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios and the Raging Waters everything was just awesome.Well though my stay was short but useful i would love to save as much and as early to book my cheap flights to Los Angeles and revisit the fondest memories that i have for this city again!